Friday, February 26, 2016

Review: Chalk Ink markers

So long chalk because I just found Chalk Ink®, markers that look like chalk but work so, so much better.

Chalk Ink sent me a set of their Chalk Ink spring time set of six markers for review. I had the perfect testing ground: my at-home blackboard, which was currently dressed up using regular chalk.

Bear with me, I'm not an artist, so my work is just barely passable. However, while I used three or four shades of regular chalk on this board, it is really barely noticeable. Moreover, the chalk smears if you rest your hand on the board while coloring in a portion of your design.

So I set to work on a new design using Chalk Ink. It takes awhile to prime each marker, but once you do, the color comes out beautifully. Here, you can see that the fine point of the marker delivers fine, precise lines. Use the wider end of the marker and it delivers, too. The color was also quite vibrant.

I was enjoying the process and amazed at how smooth the colors were. Plus, while it goes on as easy as a marker would, they don't look anything like markers. These look exactly like chalk!

The only problem I see is when working on a vertical surface as I was. I had to continually prime the marker and occasionally, hold it horizontal so that the ink would flow down into the marker tip but that's to be expected.

Here's the finished piece! Very vibrant and the colors do not smear, even when I rested my hand on the design to fill in the flower designs. Chalk Ink can be cleaned off with water (I tested this first) or alcohol-based cleaners.

As mentioned, the company sent me the spring time set, but it also comes in choice of an 4-pack or 8-pack of classic or earthy colors as well as dozens of other sets including ones that are water resistant. You can try it and get a special 20% off discount with this special coupon code with your purchase at Chalk Ink. Use code: spring 16.

I tried it on a wine glass, which would be handy so you don't get them mixed up at a party. Works here, too. Wipes off easily.

With all the chalkboard surfaces available these days, you're sure to find lots of uses for these markers. I can't stop using them.

While chalkboards are the ideal canvas for these cool markers, you can even use them on chalkboard labels, gift tags and more. They can be used on any non-porous surface such as metal, glass, plastic and, of course, chalkboards.

I'm loving these! Aside from the great color that doesn't smear, I like that I don't have chalk dust on the floor below the chalkboard. What do you think?

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