Friday, January 8, 2016

Think spring: Spring silk florals and garden home decor now available at Michaels

We're wrapping up the first week of January and many of us are just now experiencing the first frigid temperatures of the winter season. We should be grateful that we've escaped the cold this long, right? Yet, there are those of us, me included, who is already counting down the days until spring.

So when I went into Michael's Craft Stores this week, I was happy to see that spring is in full bloom at the store.

Spring silk florals are out in abundance, now occupying the floor space just vacated by the Christmas decor. What's more, Michael's already put out a variety of the home decor items with a garden theme. I know many avid gardeners page through the seed catalogs during January, waiting impatiently for the time when they can start seeds indoors.

If you are already chomping at the bit for spring, take a gander at these beautiful spring blooms at Michael's. They are gorgeous and yes, they are also on sale!

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