Thursday, September 10, 2015

Tips for decorating a room with wall and ceiling angles

If you've ever decorated or painted a room with odd wall and ceiling angles, you know how difficult this can be.

However, it is easier if you embrace the angles, not fight them. That's the advice from Andrea Goldman, an interior designer and owner of Andrea Goldman Interior Design.

I just interviewed her for a story in the Fall 2015 issue of Better Homes & Gardens' Kitchen & Bath Ideas. Her master bathroom is full of angles and when talking with me, she gives lots of tips for how to overcome them.

A bathroom makeover you have to in the Fall 2015 issue of Better Homes & Gardens' Kitchen & Bath Ideas.

Check out the issue. It is on newsstands now.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Fabulous finds for home, garden, jewelry, mosaics, gourmet coffee, pet treats and more

This weekend I found some of the most amazing handmade, artisan products at the Frankfort Fall Festival 2015. While the fest has come and gone until next year, you can still get your hands on these great products because many of the artisans have websites for easy ordering. Others will be coming to a town near you in another craft show, so be sure to check their websites for schedules.

Let's shop!

Le Parisien Apt is a very unique store owned by Anna Franz. She repurposes everything from vintage magazine racks to jewelry boxes, mirrors to wall art and gives them a very Parisian flair. They were selling fast at the fest and you can see why. Everything is very distinctive, beautiful and affordable.

A magazine rack by Anna Franz, Le Parisian Apt.

Here is a repurposed jewelry box from Le Parisian Apt.

This was the first year at the fest for Petals and Pins by LC, which offered unique wreaths for your home. There were Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas wreaths as well as autumn and spring-themed wreaths. You can find the store on Etsy here.

Move to the kitchen and you'll want a nice cappuccino. With drink mixes from Ron & Frank's Gourmet Drink Mixes, you can serve one up fast. All you need is water. Ron & Frank's makes all kinds of drink mixes from chai tea to hot chocolate and cappuccino. There are regular mixes and those that are sugar-free. You can even find decaf mixes. They all mix up with just water, so they are nice to have in the office when you can't make a run to Starbucks. You can order directly from their website.

A trip to the fest is never complete without stopping by I Love Dip. This shop offers any number of handcrafted seasonings and mixes--sweet and savory. The products make great dips, but can also be used in any number of recipes to prepare fish, roasts Chex mix and gourmet burgers. There's so much to choose from. Check out I Love Dip at their website or on Facebook.

If your dog is begging while you much on your Cheesy Spinach and Artichoke Dip, why not give him or her a treat, too. Tail-Waggers by Wendy is a gourmet canine bakery with all-natural gourmet dog treats. Don't these look yummy? You can order online or check out their upcoming list of shows here.

For our feathered friends, Debbie's Birdhouses offers great houses and feeders. They are hand thrown, high-fired stoneware that can stay outdoors in the winter. They come in several colors and certainly dress up a yard. You can find her shop on Etsy.

This model is a bird house.

This variation is a feeder.
Heart To Heart is another purveyor of birdhouses but this shop is so much more. Owner Shari Grenzow Mauer hand makes and paints birdhouses, wall decor and many other items in her shop. If you love color, you will love Heart To Heart. Check out her blog here.

A colorful birdhouse from Heart To Heart
Another whimsical birdhouse comes from Mosaic Whimsies  where artist Lisa Tolbert makes her creations out of vintage china, gemstones and other found objects. Tolbert's creations are one of a kind. But note, she doesn't limit herself to birdhouses. She also does birdbaths, tables, wall mirrors, hand mirrors, picture frames almost everything imaginable in beautiful mosaics. She has a list of shows and she also teaches classes in mosaics. Visit her website to learn more.

A mosaic table by artist Lisa Tolbert of Mosaic Whimsies
A mosaic birdhouse by Lisa Tolbert, Mosaic Whimsies
Janice Lynn is an artist I got to know this year when her Copper Cattail Wind Chimes caught my eye. Her wind chimes are truly unique and have to be seen to really be appreciated. They look like cattails and are made of copper; you stick them into the ground, a flower pot or whatever and when the wind blows, they make the most charming sound as they sway against each other. She sold out of her wind chimes and ran out of business cards, so I'm guessing most people agreed that these are a real winner.

I don't usually go to a craft show without checking out the jewelry and this year was no exception.
The Buttons Stop Here, owned by Rhonda Gurgone, is one of by absolute, must-stop shops. She uses vintage buttons and typewriter keys in her jewelry designs and recently, just started using repurposed wine bottle glass in her creations. Find her at Facebook at The Buttons Stop Here.

This necklace uses Victorian era cut steel buttons in the design by Rhonda Gurgle, The Buttons Stop Here
A new jewelry designer to me this year is Humberto of Humberto's Designs. He makes handcrafted art jewelry in sterling silver and gold using gemstones and semi-precious stones. I just love these bangles in sterling silver. He added a patina to the darker bangle and both sparkle in the sun.

Another favorite stop is at the Treat Your Body Inc. shop, which makes natural skin care. They offer a large array of products, from bath lotions and salts to rich moisturizing creams and much more.

How was your Frankfort Fall Fest experience? Find any interesting shops?