Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Coloring outside the lines: Non-traditional color schemes for Christmas decorations

Yes, traditional Christmas decorations are beautiful and I, for one, would never think of decorating my home in purple or turquoise at Christmas.

Typically, I prefer the traditional colors of green and red, like we see here.

Yet, I've seen Christmas decorations done with totally nontraditional color schemes and it looks incredible.

Collected here are various color schemes from Christmas decorations I found. All are a little unusual.

This stair railing is decked out in green on green on green. I never would have thought about the pine complemented with lime green and chartreuse but it works.

Conversely, this stairway is dressed with up Christmas decorations that match the stair runner. In this case, orange with a turquoise accent.

This Christmas tree isn't remarkable so much for its color scheme, but its use of springtime accents from light, airy white flowers to butterflies amid the pine cones and golden ornaments.

This tree is all dressed up in the color of a peacock and even includes peacock feathers if you had any doubt. Orange and bright turquoise dominate the color scheme and all the accessories from the birds to the ornaments keep with the color scheme.

I never would have done it but I still love it. A holiday mantle in royal purple hues with green accents. The ivory candles round out the look which is element and yet simple.

This holiday wreath is literally dripping with crystals. White poinsettias, pearls and crystal ornaments catch the eye in this white on white wreath.
Speaking of wreaths, they run the gamut from simple, fresh evergreens to something as ornate as the white on white wreath pictured above. To check out a selection 10 different styles of wreaths, click here.