Monday, May 16, 2016

Dramatic backyard furniture makeover with cushions

Does your backyard furniture need a facelift?

I have a super simple way to update your furniture. It involves an investment but it can be well worth it.

Here's the answer: Change out your cushions.

It sounds simple enough but the dramatic change it can bring is often overlooked.

Here's my example:

Our brown wicker furniture is in fine shape. But the cushions are looking a little blah. They are somewhat faded and just not as fluffy and perky as they were when I purchased them around 2011 or already that is four to five years ago. Yes, time can fly. Time to update these cushions.



Big difference, right?

I found these new cushions on sale at Pier 1.  Shop through Ebates and you can get a total of 2% cashback on your entire purchase. These cushions are treated for protection from ultra violet rays and can be used indoors or outdoors. 

As for me, I'm thrilled with the bright colors after having the muted turquoise cushions for so long.

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